Il Centro Einaudi

West European Pacifism and the Strategy for Peace

A cura di/Editors Van den Dungen Peter

Western European Labor

A cura di/Editors Alfred Kamin

Western European Perspectives on International Affairs

Western Liberalism. A history in documents from Locke to Croce

Western Policies on East-West Trade

Western Political Theory in the Face of the Future

What Future for British Coal?

What is Asia to us? Russia's Asian heartland yesterday and today

What is Left?

What is Left? Il futuro della sinistra democratica in Europa

A cura di/Editors Riccardo Viale

What is the European Union? Nature and prospects

What is Wrong with the European Communities?

What Price North Sea Gas?

What Price Unemployment?

What Right to Strike?

What should Economists Do?

Whatever Happened to Productivity?

Wheels of Fortune

When a Great Tradition Modernizes. An anthropological approach to Indian civilization

Which Doctor?

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  • Recuperare la rotta é il titolo del XVIII Rapporto «Giorgio Rota» su Torino, presentato il 7 ottobre alla Biblioteca Nazionale.

Biblioteca F. Guerrini

biblioteca guerrini

 Dotata di oltre 9.000 volumi, offre una documentazione unica in Italia sul pensiero liberale contemporaneo.