Il Centro Einaudi

Law, Politics and Culture

Moving from a conscious reconceptualization of Law as a cultural form and dismantling the fictional boundaries, conventionally imposed to govern the concept of culture, the Centro supports projects connecting Law to all the other multifarious expressions of humanistic thought, such as philosophy, literature, aesthetics, politics, theology.

The aim of the Centro in this field is to renew the theory of complexity insofar as it appears as one of the most powerful tool for grasping globalization. In keeping with its purposes, the Centro promotes publications and documents dealing with interdisciplinary issues and concurs to stimulate the debate over the role of human sciences.

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  • Recuperare la rotta é il titolo del XVIII Rapporto «Giorgio Rota» su Torino, presentato il 7 ottobre alla Biblioteca Nazionale.

Biblioteca F. Guerrini

biblioteca guerrini

 Dotata di oltre 9.000 volumi, offre una documentazione unica in Italia sul pensiero liberale contemporaneo.