Liberal Theory

The understanding and the promotion of the liberal Weltanschauung has been the prime goal of the Centro ever since its establishment in 1963. Liberal values, principles and norms have been the steady anchor of all the Centro’s activities: research, policy advice and advocacy, outreach and dissemination initiatives.

Understanding and promoting Liberalism means keeping a constant link with the historical liberal tradition, with the teaching of its Great Masters  (including, of course, Luigi Einaudi). But it also means remaining “at the frontier” of liberal thinking, with a view to updating and expanding the liberal perspective vis-à-vis the rapid flow of policy and political challenges which characterize contemporary democratic societies.

The field of “Liberal Theory” is in many respects the core business of the Centro and at the same time its core engine: research and discussion in this area (such as the Public Philosophy working papers of LPF) supply the normative framework which shapes the whole range of activities of the Centro Einaudi.

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