The winners of the 7th «Giorgio Rota» Best Paper Award have been appointed.

They are:

Federico Fantechi, PhD Student at GSSI – Gran Sasso Science Institute department of Urban Studies and Regional Science who wins a prize of 1,500 Euros  (gross) with the paper: Spatial dynamics of community disaster resilience in rural areas. Evidences from Central Italy after the 1997 earthquake;

Georgios Manalis, European University Institute / Department of Economics, who wins a prize of 1,500 Euros  (gross) with the paper: Land rights and risk-sharing in rural West Africa;

Stefano Menegat, Ph.D. Candidate -Department of Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University (Montreal), who wins a prize of 1,500 Euros  (gross) with the paper: Alternative Food Networks: Growing Nichesor Paradigm Shift? Exploring the Case of U.S.Farmers’ Markets Througha System Dynamics Approach

The winners will present their work at the Giorgio Rota Conference that will be held on May, 6 in Turin, Campus Einaudi, University of Turin. Schedule of the conference will be published on the Centro Einaudi website soon.

Participation to the conference is mandatory in order to be awarded the prize. The Centro Einaudi will also refund travel expenses to Turin. Details to be found in the Call.

The award-winning papers will be published by the Centro Einaudi in an ISBN e-book "Quaderni del Premio Giorgio Rota".

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A fronte di 9 candidature, 6 sono stati i vincitori del bando (in ordine alfabetico):


- Alba Cicala: ‘No more waiting for Godot’
- Fiammetta Corradi: ‘The richness and quality of normative public argumentation: one method, two case studies’
- Benedetta Cotta: ‘Cooperative or adversarial styles? An analysis of the policy-making of Hungary and Poland in the waste management sector’
- Michele Giavazzi: ‘Desert as a criterion for justice – Against “Unfair Equality”
Valerio Lastrico: ‘Technocracy as depoliticized value hegemony: which theoretical frameworks within current social practices and conflicts’
- Federica Liveriero: ‘Open negotiation: the Case of Same-sex Marriage’


I paper selezionati saranno pubblicati nella Serie Working Papers di LPF (ISSN 2036-1246) nel corso del 2014.

The 2013 LPF Summer Call for Papers closed on June, 30th.

Il bando Summer Call for Papers 2013 di LPF è stato chiuso il 30/06.


Turin, June 5-7, 2013  · Milan, June 17-19, 2013.

In scientific inquiry, when accounting for some relevant phenomena, it is the way evidences are collected and organized that decides whether hypotheses and theories can be held true.

The point is especially relevant in policy studies, where the results of analyses often base prescriptions to policy-makers.