Climate Economics and (its) Knowledge / Video

The winners of the XII «Giorgio Rota» Best Paper Award on "Climate Economics and (its) Knowledge", supported by Fondazione CRT, are:

Lorenzo Sileci  with the paper Carbon Pricing with Regressive Co-benefits: Evidence from British Columbia’s Carbon Tax

Alessandra Testa and Konstantin Boss with the paper What goes around, comes around: the US climate-economic cycle

Costanza Tomaselli  with the paper Green or Greed? Unveiling the Environmental Impact of Market Consolidation on Carbon Emissions

The XII «Giorgio Rota» Conference for the presentation of the winning papers hold in Turin on May 15, at Campus Luigi Einaudi, as one of the events leading up to the International Festival of Economics.


The awarded papers will be published in Quaderni del Premio “Giorgio Rota”, an ISBN working paper online series of the Centro Einaudi, by the end of October 2024.


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