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Il profitto e la sua etica / Logica e illogica di una fobia diffusa

The Morality of Pure Profit: The Logic and Illogic of a Popular Phobia

Anno XXIX, n. 124, gennaio-marzo 1994
Centro Einaudi


Abstract disponibile solo in lingua inglese

In this paper, the author endeavours to explain why the case for the justice of pure entrepreneurial profit has come to be implicitly rejected in common discourse. In the first two sections, he makes a brief review of what he terms the simple, straightforward case for the justice of pure entrepreneurial profit, which he sees as representing not a produced or windfall gain but a discovered one. In the subsequent sections, he goes on to account for the apparent failure of this approach to convince the public at large. Several alternative grounds for this failure are canvassed and examined. In the concluding section, the author outlines some of the implications of his explorations for the role of economic education.