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La banca italiana nel mercato globale

Italian Banks in the Global Marketplace

Anno XXIX, n. 124, gennaio-marzo 1994
Centro Einaudi


Abstract disponibile solo in lingua inglese

The Italian banking system has been exposed to mounting pressure due both to increasing competition from non-banking companies and to institutional innovations. The author discusses the hypothesis of a systemic crisi in banking – a crisis which, he argues, would be different from others in the recent past. He suggests that a systemic crisis in the Nineties would lead not to disruption and panic, but to a gradual colonisation of the domestic financial system by foreign competitors. The process of allocation of financial resources would, in that case, be partially guided by non-domestic priorites, an event of the greatest relevance at a time in which market competition at the international level is increasingly turning into competition among different national socio-economic systems. The author proposes a solution in the form of a liberalisation of the financial sector from many of its existing administrative obligations, primarily from the implicit constraints which still limit the access of fresh private capital to the banking sector.