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Ricordo di Uberto Scarpelli

In Memory of Uberto Scarpelli

Anno XXIX, n. 124, gennaio-marzo 1994
Centro Einaudi


Abstract disponibile solo in lingua inglese

These pages contain a memory of Uberto Scarpelli (1924-1993). The author, a pupil and friend of Scarpelli's, reconstructs the essential traits of the personality and work of the recent deceased scholar. Scarpelli was a legal philosopher who made distinguished contributions to his subject, combining the finest results of analytic philosophy about the nature of prescriptive language with an existentialist ontology of choice. But Scarpelli was more than that. He was also a liberal citizen committed to civil issues, the forerunner and promoter in Italy of studies on public and applied ehics, on bioethics in particular. Last but not least, he was an able lecturer, proud to consider himself, first and foremost, a teacher and educator, a man capable of stimulating criticism and a lover of independence of thought.