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Commento a Bouckaert

Comment to Bouckaert

Anno XXIX, n. 127, ottobre-dicembre 1994


Abstract disponibile solo in lingua inglese

Franco Pizzetti's comment sets out from the realisation that, in reality, there are neither totally centralised hence monocentric systems nor wholly decentralised, hence polycentric systems. With all their variety of organisational forms, modern states too lie within this spectrum of possibilities. The modern nation-state, the creator of civilisation and democracy, is unquestionably in crisis today. But this crisis may lead to a lag in democracy in the production of norms and the identification of unifying values, to a lag in certainty and guarantee in the enforcement of law, and a lag in the safeguarding of the rights of single individuals. The solution which Bouckaert puts forward is acceptable inasmuch as it draws on Kant's idea of working for a world culture based on fundamental shared and common values. It is inadequate, though, in its implicit suggestion that this result can be achieved by simply allowing the market to "get on with the job".