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Individuo, gruppo e democrazia

Individual, Group and Democracy

Anno XXVII, n. 118, luglio-settembre 1992
Centro Einaudi


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Modernity, both ideological and actual, rotates to a large extent round the problems posed by the definition of the individual, the group and democracy and the intercourse which takes place between them. Analysis of the individual prompts us to define him as a source of multiple decisions, which represent as many purposes for his efforts and which exhort him to become a person. The analysis of groups suggests that they are collective enterprises with definite aims. Democracy is conceived as a regime in which the balance of power is rooted in those who agree to obey. The analysis shows the principles and criteria which groups must follow in democracy in relation to individuals, other groups and politia. The same problem enables us to resolve the problems of principles which democracy poses in groups and the repercussions they have upon individuals.