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Le relazioni internazionali: l'approccio del neoliberalismo istituzionale

International Relations: The Neoliberal Institutionalist Approach

Anno XXVII, n. 118, luglio-settembre 1992
Centro Einaudi


Abstract disponibile solo in lingua inglese

The main thesis of this paper is that neoliberal institutionalism may prove deeply innovative with respect to the theory of international relations insofar as it is able to break up the dynamics which has guided the development of the theory since its birth. The author shows how, throughout the last century, realism and idealism and, in turn, reformulations thereof dominated the theory itself, pointing out that it was the development of the international regimes theory in the late-Eighties which drew attention to international institutions and offered an opportunity to change pace. Neoliberal institutionalism, which is based on the renewed relevance of international institutions, now claims to be able, on the one hand, to subsume realism – conceived as the theory of the limits on cooperation – and, on the other, to reject realism itself, refuting power politics as the automatic consequence of anarchy.