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Anno XXVII, n. 117, aprile-giugno 1992
Centro Einaudi


Abstract disponibile solo in lingua inglese

To commemorate the recent death of this great liberal ideologist, we have decided to republish this essay, which first appeared in Biblioteca della libertà in 1967 and which remains one of the best presentations of his liberalism. In the final paragraph of the essay we read, "Summarising the basic principles of a liberal society, in a society of this type all the state's coercive functions must be guided by the overriding importance of what I like to call the three great negatives: Peace, Justice and Liberty. In order to achieve these the state must limit its coercive functions to the enforcement of those prohibitions (established as a general rules) that are applicable to everyone, and, in virtue of the same rules, to collect from everyone part of the costs of other non-coercive services which it may decide to offer citizens with the material and human resources at its disposal for this purpose".