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Tolleranza e cittadinanza: il caso dello chador

Toleration and Citizenship: The Chador Case

Anno XXVI, n. 115, ottobre-dicembre 1991
Centro Einaudi


Abstract disponibile solo in lingua inglese

The paper seeks to draw distinctions between two interpretations of political toleration. The first interpretation considers toleration as a public virtue of social life, with political implications but not directly embedded in the political order. The second interpretation, on the other hand, considers toleration primarily as a virtue of the political order. The latter, in its turn, gives way to two different perspectives: one embodying a concept of pluralism as variety of conceptions of the good, the other underlying a concept of pluralism as group differences. Finally the case of chador is analysed according to the various perspectives highlighted and is shown to be a salient instance of the problem of double loyalty – to the state and to the group.