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Europa liberale o Comunità assistenziale?

Liberal Europe or Welfare Community?

Anno XXVI, n. 114, luglio-settembre 1991
Centro Einaudi


Abstract disponibile solo in lingua inglese

This paper is a critique of the theses formulated by James M. Buchanan, Peter Bernholz and Victoria Curzon Price in a recent number of this review. The author is basically in agreement with the first two on the need to move towards a European federal union equipped with an authentically liberal constitution. He wonders, however, whether this scenario is ever likely to materialise in view of the ongoing debate on EMU and EPU. He himself is somewhat pessimistic, arguing that the current debate seems less concerned with creating a Europe centred on the market and constitutional restrictions to public intervention than on the edification of a welfare Community designed to distributive selective benefits to a multitude of special interest groups.