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L'Europa del liberalismo / Il dopoguerra: un confronto con Stati Uniti e Giappone

The Europe of Liberalism / Postwar Economic and Social Trends in Europe. A Comparison with the United States and Japan

Anno XXVI, n. 112, gennaio-marzo 1991
Centro Einaudi


Abstract disponibile solo in lingua inglese

The first part of this contribution reviews the most important postwar economic and social trends in Europe, similar to those in the United States and Japan (remarkable achievements, employment in the service sector, budget deficits, growing influence of capital movements, greater economic interdependence). The second part considers the differences in growth rates and current account movements. The third part examines the reasons for the recent deterioration in Western European performance, especially in the following fields: taxation, agriculture, industry, services, innovation. The conclusion stresses the consequences of a high tax burden and of the far from smooth operation of the Community markets.