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L'Europa del liberalismo / Il deficit costituzionale

The Europe of Liberalism / Europe's Constitutional Deficit

Anno XXVI, n. 112, gennaio-marzo 1991
Centro Einaudi


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Beyond 1992, Britain and her EC partners will wish to set new priorities. These priorities may require a rather different balance in Community structures and institutions. The techniques and institutions appropriate to push through the achievement of a single market may not be those appropriate to Europe post-1992, when difficult questions of monetary, social, defence and political co-operation may be on the agenda. This paper, therefore, looks at the powers of the EC Commission, and in particular its power to initiate and propose legislation; the various forms of limitations of the exercise of those powers; and the safeguards available to member states. The paper compares the position of member states in the EC with that of governments and permanent institutions within other international organisations. The paper suggests that existing limitations on the Commission's powers – particularly its power to propose legislation – are weak, and examines a number of ways in which this "democratic" or "constitutional" deficit can be redressed.