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Commento a Valerio Zanone (Il compito liberale in Italia)

Comment to Zanone (article published in

Anno XXV, n. 108, gennaio-marzo 1990
Centro Einaudi


Abstract disponibile solo in lingua inglese

The coincidence of modernity and categories of liberalism seems to be belied by the case of Italy – that is, by modernisation which has developed as a result of the intertwining of political oligarchies and social corporations. Valerio Zanone's proposal of political liberalism is discussed and admired in the way it seeks to resolve the Italian problem by political effort aimed at the reconstruction of a liberal state. The author argues that this difficult objective is made feasible by the fact that, in Italy, the formal legitimation of the political set-up – albeit distorted and denied in practice – continues to be the liberal political culture by which the constitution itself is inspired.