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Commento a Valerio Zanone (Il compito liberale in Italia)

Comment to Zanone (article published in "Biblioteca della libertà" no. 107)

Anno XXV, n. 108, gennaio-marzo 1990
Centro Einaudi


Abstract disponibile solo in lingua inglese

In this paper different models of the American liberal tradition are sketched to set priorities for liberal action in the 90s: the equal protection model; the anti-discriminatory model; the New Deal liberal model; the market efficiency model and the libertarian model. They are not a coherent body but, from them, various suggestions can be derived toward different approaches. The author picks out the following issues: i) tax law: design constitutional limits to government here, where they are almost totally lacking; ii) criminal law: stop the use of criminal sanctions enacted out of the criminal code, and use alternative kinds of norms to regulate undesired activities; iii) administrative law: reform this body of rules transplanting American or English models; iv) ecology: try to control pollution by assigning new property rights instead of improving more regulations; v) electoral law: support a change toward a more majoritarian electoral system; and, besides, vi) a European written constitution is pleaded for.