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Commento a Zanone

Comment to Zanone

Anno XXIV, n. 107, ottobre-dicembre 1989
Centro Einaudi


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If Italian liberalism wishes to survive as an organised political force, it must not set its sights low, as has been the case over the last twenty years: it must aim, albeit in the long-term, at political power, at substantial electoral consensus. The party's future pivots on its ability to win more votes without losing the ones it has aready. The most "laissez-faire" Italians belong to the younger educated categories, people anxious for individual success, but also for social and environmental equilibrium: it is to them that the Liberal Party must turn. And the "adhesive" for holding these positions together can only be faith in the market. On the subject of the market then, two of the great problems of Italian society need to be relooked at: namely, the balancing of public finances (the main, albeit not exclusive motive of attraction for the traditional electorate), and the renewal of the environment (the main, albeit not exclusive motive of attraction for new electors).