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Decisioni pubbliche sui beni culturali. Un'indagine empirica

Anno XXIII, n. 100, gennaio-marzo 1988
Centro Einaudi


Public decisions in the field of culture. An empiric analysis

This paper analyses the results of a survey of seven pieces of restoration work (the most important) in the Piedmont region between 1975 and 1985. The aim is to show how the study of the decision-making processes whereby public action begins, developes and materalizes in certain sectors (the cultural heritage in the case in point) may serve to delineate a realistic picture of the functioning of institutions: to give an idea of the conditions which tend to increase the chances of success of public policies. The author shows how public action aimed at valorizing cultural treasures depends on a series of factors which can be related to the contraints, procedures and resources established by law only in part. He goes on to reconstruct the networks that are set up, in a regional context, to deal with the problems of the historical-artistic heritage, the characteristics of those involved, and the types of interaction that subsequently develope between them.