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Per un welfare genetico

Risposta a Scarpelli

Anno XXII, n. 99, ottobre-dicembre 1987
Centro Einaudi


In favour of genetic welfare

This contribution tends to stress how environmental and animalist bioethics have recently developed side by side with medical bioethics, their aim being to set moral limits to the ever more frequent exploitation of environmental resources and the various animal and vegetable species which, on more than one occasion, have been made extinct as a result. Moreover, as to principles, the intention is to place the principle of equality on the same plane as those of freedom and tolerance in recognition of the great egalitarian potentialities inherent to contemporary technical and scientific achievements. This applies conspicuously to genetic engineering which, in the future, will be able to remedy some of the disparities which the so-called 'lottery of life', or 'natural lottery', creates among individuals. And if such potentialities are not controlled by the most profound ethical considerations, they could easily be used to increase inequalities among men.