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The Reasons of Money and the Reasons of Politics

Anno XXXII, n. 138, gennaio-febbraio 1997
Centro Einaudi


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One might ask whether the European Union and its predecessors of the forties and fifties have really served their purpose, furthering economic co-operation, which is seen, in turn, as a device to protect peace among European nations. Or are there reasons why, contrary to the declared purpose of the EU, it could become a source of conflict and disintegration? The central thesis of this essay is that the European Union, as it stands now, could increase economic and political conflict instead of furthering peace and prosperity. The author demonstrates that it is not the slowing down of the integration process provoked by the so-called Euroskeptics, but the policy of the EU itself which, for a variety of reasons, triggers undesired results incompatible with the liberal European community idea.