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The Italian Reasons for ‘Neo-Third Worldism’

Anno XXXII, n. 139, marzo-aprile 1997
Centro Einaudi


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‘Neo-Third Worldism’ is an offshoot of 1989. This internationalist political culture has, by and large, the same values as before – namely, Manicheism, moralism, conspiracy hunting and snobbery – but differences have arisen in the system of beliefs. In economics, capitalism was considered to be the source of all evil; today neo-liberalism is believed to be responsible for poverty in the Third World. In politics, ‘Neo-Third Worldists’ do not fight formal democracy any more, but object to decision-making centralism in the so-called delegative democracies. In the cultural sphere, no significant changes are detectable with national self-determination being defended only when third countries (Palestine, Bosnia) are attacked. Western-style countries (Israel, Croatia) are ignored. Military intervention is legitimised only when it consists of aggressions against Third World Countries (Iraq versus Kuwait), but if the West intends to intervene, pacifism is the only exit.