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Economic Doctrine of Islamism: An Alternative Vision

Anno XXXII, n. 139, marzo-aprile 1997
Centro Einaudi


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This essay goes beyond Islamic thinking itself to explore the spread of Islamist economic interpretations and practices. Its ultimate objective is to offer a set of responses to the challenges of Islamism. After analysing the economic effects, actual and potential, of Islamism, the author proposes three policy prescriptions. First, he suggests we identify and disseminate the flaws in the Islamist agenda; secondly, he shows that Islamist leaders tend to overestimate their popular support; thirdly, he warns us to pay close attention to Islamist views on social problems. Many Islamist complaints, some socio-economic, about modernity stem from genuine policy failures. Recent developments in many parts of the Islamic world are nonetheless encouraging, and the situation now seems to be growing ripe for a broad attempt to protect liberties, economic freedom included.