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Economic Freedom Network. Economic Freedom in the World and Italy’s Position

Anno XXXIII, n. 147, novembre-dicembre 1998
Centro Einaudi


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With Economic Freedom of the World. Interim Report 1998/1999, the Fraser Institute of Vancouver and the Economic Freedom Network, made up of research institutions in 53 countries (for Italy, the Centro Einaudi in collaboration with the Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Turin Employers’ Association) carry on their commitment to the development of a tool for the objective measurement of economic freedom. The 1998/1999 edition comes in a totally new format, with more complete and statistically more accurate synthetic indicators. With total rating of 7.9 out of 10, Italy is 24th in the table of 119 countries analysed – the same position as it held in 1990 – behind all the major developed countries apart from Spain. The index confirms that the limits of economic freedom in Italy are bound to structural aspects such as the weight of the public sector in the economy and the poor efficiency of markets.