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For a Market Ecology

Anno XXXIV, n. 150, maggio-agosto 1999
Centro Einaudi


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For contemporary culture, ecological questions invariably demand only solutions of a political nature and a pervasive regulation of human activities. Even those who understand the legitimacy and effectiveness of the free market appear to change their opinion in the face of environmental problems, as if the latter were somehow special problems demanding of constant public intervention. The set of studies which goes under the name of “market ecology” has developed a number of analyses which force us to discredit these commonplaces. On the other hand, if we are often forced to address serious natural emergencies (pollution, for example), it is because we have progressively abandoned the privatistic juridical principles which, for centuries, have limited our possibility of damaging our neighbour and the environment in which he lives. If we wish to safeguard nature, therefore, we have first of all to depollute law and, more specifically, ensure more rigorous protection of private property.

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