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The Twentieth Century According to an Individualist

Anno XXXIV, n. 151, settembre-ottobre 1999
Centro Einaudi


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Maffeo Pantaleoni (1857-1924) was defined the ‘prince of Italian economists’. Albeit high-flown, the definition faithfully reflects the value of his work. Together with Pareto and, in some respects, Croce, Pantaleoni was one of those who believed neither that socialism would be a more efficient mode of production than capitalism, nor that it would be the inevitable destiny of the new century. Faithful to methodological, positivistic principles, Pantaleoni drew his conclusions not from the logic of liberal sentiments, but from the more rigorous logic of economic analysis. Here we offer our readers the text of a lecture which Pantaleoni held in Venice on April 6 1900. It reveals all his extraordinary capacity for analysis and prediction, and how his principles can be of great interest today for our understanding of the set of phenomena which we call ‘globalisation’, and which clash so sharply with reality and the ideology of closed societies founded on corporative principles.