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An Aging Population. Consequences for the Individual, the Family and Society

Anno XXXIV, n. 151, settembre-ottobre 1999
Centro Einaudi


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In Italy, as in most other developed economies, the population is growing older; with the passing of time, the average age has risen and the percentage of the population above the pensionable age has risen. This change is bound to have significant consequences for society, for the family and for individuals. The aim of this essay, which is the text of the 15th Fulvio Guerrini Conference (Turin, October 12 1998), is to provide statistical data on demographic trends in developed economies, to examine some of their consequences and to outline solutions to the problems posed by the phenomenon. These problems – from pensionable age to the mechanisms required to induce employers to take on elderly workers, to medical and residential profiles – can only be solved by long-term planning.
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