Effetti democratici e implicazioni antidemocratiche della libertà di parola nei social media

Anno XLIX, n. 211, settembre-dicembre 2014
Centro Einaudi
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The contemporary evolution of digital Information and Communication Technologies (ITCs) has generated a new field of constraints and opportunities for our freedom of expression, while causing the emergence of a new dimension of human interactions, the infosphere, which can be conceived as the global environment of information we live in.
This article suggests considering how and why the quantitative increase of the free flow of information in the infosphere does not necessarily coincide with the increase of political freedom, nor with the reduction of anti-democratic power asymmetries. Taking into account both recent case studies and classic philosophical questions about the freedom of the press, the author invites the reader to rethink and retheorize the evolving relationship of politics, power, democracy, educational innovation, and freedom in our increasingly technologized and re-ontologized world.