L'anima aletica della democrazia liberale

Anno LII, n. 218, gennaio-aprile 2017

Anno LII, n. 218, gennaio-aprile 2017
Centro Einaudi
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In agreement with D’Agostini’s argument, this note subscribes to the idea that political sphere must protect truth. Especially in democracy, truth must act as the constitutive rule of public discourse and the political process. The discussion on alethic rights helps to grasp and emphasize the importance of both points. However, the note raises some perplexity about the feasibility and effectiveness of this new class of rights and suggests to widen the reflection on other possible solutions. More specifically, these strategies could also be considered: 1) to strengthen the alethic dimension of certain existing citizenship rights; 2) to strengthen or create exogenous alethic institutions, intended as structures for the production of politically relevant knowledge inspired by "V function" as a conceptual norm (rejection of false assertions and false beliefs) and epistemological norm (search for truth as an institutional purpose); 3) create incentives that systematically link the alethic institutions to the political ones, encouraging the latter to being receptive and responsive to the former.