Biblioteca della Libertà

Categoria/Category: Anno LII, n. 219, maggio-agosto 2017
Editore/Publisher: Centro Einaudi
DOI: 10.23827/BDL_2017_2_7
Luogo/City: Torino
Articolo completo/Full text: BDL-219-Ceva_.pdf


In this article, I clarify and defend two features crucial to the minimalist commitment of my recent proposal for a theory of interactive justice for the
management of value conflict in politics. These features are the inclusiveness of its justificatory basis (that goes beyond the sphere of reasonableness) and the parsimony of its normative foundations (in the guise of metaethical agnosticism). These clarification and defence are important to vindicate the distinctiveness of my proposed theory with respect to the current philosophical debate on liberal justice.

Prossimi eventi

28 Mar
Centro Einaudi - Torino
21 Mar
Palazzo della Provincia - Cosenza

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