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Categoria/Category: Quaderni BdL online
Editore/Publisher: Centro Einaudi
ISBN: 978-88-94960-01-3
Luogo/City: Torino
Anno/Year: 2017
Articolo completo/Full text: Q2BDL-2017.pdf


The level of interconnectedness among economic, political and social systems is remarkable, and has become even more visible in the context of the Great Recession, with its evident domino effects. In this paper, three types of mechanism through which those effects are transmitted from country to country are distiguished analytically: benchmarking, spillover, and contagion. Results confirm that voters evaluate the national economic situation using external reference points, that the impact of the state of the economy spills over to highly globalized countries, but the hypothesis of direct contagion effects is contradicted.

Prossimi eventi

28 Mar
Centro Einaudi - Torino
21 Mar
Palazzo della Provincia - Cosenza

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